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Kicked out of a singing group at age 6 for always being too passionate and emotive which did not deter his dream but rather fueled it. With age and maturity came growth and success and now he’s become the actual real deal.

Captivating is his personality giving of the energy of a humble sweet yet firm assertive being.

He’s a Producer Singer/Songwriter and a Dreamer,

also very lyrically astute, poetic and a story teller channeling outer worldly expressions, message’s and bringing forth Art and creativity with a flair of his own unique versatility. Some say he will be one of the greats with idols such as Seal, Lenny Kravitz, Micheal Jackson, Bon Jovi, Bono of U2 and Bruno Mars just to name a few .

Some say he has the flair of today's top pop/rock, R&B, and hiphop Top 10 selling music Artists with an old soul yet unique perspective to The Modern Creative Arts. He’s gonna be a #legend.

A maestro, a natural, virtuosic and charismatic entertainer of Music.